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    Upcoming Travel – 2019


    Seattle, WA Feb 1st-2nd | Sacred Connections | Contact if interested



    Sausalito, CA Feb 8th-9th | Constellation Weekend | Book Here



    Duvall, WA March 13th-15th | Betwixt and Between: Dream, Ceremony, and Constellation Retreat | Book Here



    Glastonbury, UK April 17-23 | Dreaming in Avalon: Pilgrimage With Becca Piastrelli | More Info Here






    "My one hour spent with Sarah genuinely changed my life; months later the words spoken are unfolding into my life like magical sprouts. I was heard in a very new way to me and something inside relaxed. Since my reading with Sarah I have made good changes to my life that have resulted in greater happiness for me and those around me.”
    Bettina L.,  Seattle.

    “I've moved into a new sense of being, and have seen the entire community move as a whole into new connection, maturity, and humaneness... Sometimes spiritual growth feels like climbing an unknown mountain, and it is deeply reassuring to work with a teacher who has climbed these intimidating paths, and returned to help the rest of us find our way.”
    Maggie F, Seattle

    Copyright 2019 Sarah MacLean Bicknell | Photography by Jenn Whitney | Illustration by Nikki Jacoby