In 1993 I received a vision while out on vision quest . There was a teaching that arose out of my sight that was about the deep need of first myself, and then later to be others, to embody the elements, the seasons, and the wheel more into how I was.  It was shown as a kind of template of understanding and a way to continue to do the personal evolution work of the soul.  The sacred wheel, as shown, was a way that my soul had been evolving itself through time and held the keys to a sacred life, sacred purpose and a way to navigate the mundane. I was being shown a timelessness and also a core teaching on creation and birth that is possibly true for us all.  I am not claiming anything here, it is more like an invitation to borrow that which helps for as long as it contributes to your life, or until your Creator shows how it is precisely, for you. 

    The Sacred Connections is a series of four weekend retreats that follow around the cycle of the sun and the four seasons. For the time shared in community together it allows us to be on the same page.  No previous experience is required or background of religion.  I find those drawn to set out on this one year journey are often filled with curiosity and a thirst to explore their relationship with spirit and their soul evolution. We work with art, constellation , journeying, dreams and other intuitive building work. We come into circle to be with the natural powers of the elements, nature’s allies, ceremony and deep remembering of who we have always been throughout time. We come to build our personal relationship with our creator, build the confidence and faith in who we are, as we are and find the deep resonance and affirming place of being in like community.  My prayer is people walk back into their lives with renewed confidence in themselves, a strengthening of purpose and a way to work through the karmic burdens as they emerge.  All this with greater grace and ease.

    The West Quarter

    We dive into our unconscious waters and go deep sea fishing for our murky monsters. This workshop births us fearlessly into our intuitive knowing and healing. We deepen our understanding of our emotions, learning to use them as our allies and courageous messengers of truth. It is here that we meet our matriarchal line, the sacred circle and the teachings of the feminine. This is also the place of our joy and enthusiasm. Charged and alive, we head for our Northern Star amidst effervescent bubbles of ideas that pulse and arise through the waters of our unconscious. We will journey together in community and stand bold in our knowing.

    The North Quarter

    We explore the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious world, meet our saboteur, our ancestors, and our first breath. We come together in community to share our dreams and wisdom as we explore our blueprints and the power to transform the lives that came before us into brilliant new solutions for the future seven generations. We are the ones they dreamed into being to make these changes in a time of fast-cycle universal change. We are here to be the transformation of consciousness. The North is the land of conscious intent and lucid dreaming, where the raindrop solidifies into the snowflake. Are we carving the ice sculpture or are we the frozen ice?

    The East Quarter

    Now we turn to greet the rising sun. It is here that the winds of integrity fan our hearts and our adventurer, with the courage to step out. As we face this direction we are supported in our integrity to stand in our truth and walk the kinder and more compassionate solution. Our adventurer and the warrior of our heart awaken the slumbering dragon of creativity, inspiration, imagination and dynamic action. During this weekend we will learn from and share our grandfathers and our relationship to the true and magnificent sacred masculine. We will celebrate the springing into action with fire and song. We will come together in community to explore protection and provision as we clear away the shadowy world of lies and projection. Together we will extract the good out of our patriarchy and contribute to building our new inclusive and heart-intelligent world with fresh new eyes.

    The South Quarter

    We come to greet all of our relatives in celebration and joy. We engage with our physical body language, share in community, and play. We learn about the sacred midwife, explore and touch our physical world with ceremony and laugh at ourselves and with each other. Often it is the experience of being tricked into our greatest lessons with caring humor that teach us: we greet the coyote who engages with us for this purpose. In the South, we harvest our world with gratitude and song, boldly step out along the genuine path of forgiveness, accountability and into our brave, new world vision. This is the direction where the expression mitakuye oyasin, all our relations, is a reality and our gift.

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    "My one hour spent with Sarah genuinely changed my life; months later the words spoken are unfolding into my life like magical sprouts. I was heard in a very new way to me and something inside relaxed. Since my reading with Sarah I have made good changes to my life that have resulted in greater happiness for me and those around me.”
    Bettina L.,  Seattle.

    “I've moved into a new sense of being, and have seen the entire community move as a whole into new connection, maturity, and humaneness... Sometimes spiritual growth feels like climbing an unknown mountain, and it is deeply reassuring to work with a teacher who has climbed these intimidating paths, and returned to help the rest of us find our way.”
    Maggie F, Seattle

    Copyright 2019 Sarah MacLean Bicknell | Photography by Jenn Whitney | Illustration by Nikki Jacoby