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    “I've moved into a new sense of being, and have seen the entire community move as a whole into new connection, maturity, and humaneness... Sometimes spiritual growth feels like climbing an unknown mountain, and it is deeply reassuring to work with a teacher who has climbed these intimidating paths, and returned to help the rest of us find our way. ”

    Maggie F


    “Her work, which stems from the Lakota ceremonial traditions and Celtic traditions, is of great and resonating magnitude. Based in Shamanic rituals, she uses sounds and smoke as a large part of her healing. Her belief is that we as humans have a 1st skin. When trauma happens on any level, that skin gets broken. Sarah’s work restores the missing pieces to help Spirit and eternal skin become whole again. ”

    Damaris D.

    Los Angeles

    “Sarah is an intuitive, sage, experienced healer. I entered into work with her without really knowing the depth of my trauma, but feeling it permeate my world. Sarah's empathy coupled with the ability to channel knowledge from ancient times washes over you like magic.”

    Emily A.


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