I spoke with Becca Piastreli on her podcast, Belonging, and am excited to share the conversation with you.

    We discuss what constellation work is (including the power of healing sentences), the power of healing ancestral trauma, why it’s important to be a conscious dreamer, and how to develop a dream practice.

    Content Warning: This conversation does veer into the territory of acknowledging sexual abuse in ancestral lineages so, if that’s something you don’t want to listen to, this is an episode you can skip.

    You can listen by searching “Belonging” wherever you listen to podcasts or by clicking HERE.

    “It’s always challenging to put into words the way that one sees at a soul level rather than how one sees at a physical-mind-brain level.” 

    Copyright 2019 Sarah MacLean Bicknell | Photography by Jenn Whitney | Illustration by Nikki Jacoby